Student Handbook

Thanks for choosing Breathe Education. You are embarking on a fun and challenging journey towards a new career and making a difference in many people’s lives. We are thrilled to be part of your journey.

Our promise to you

We view learning as coming to understand the world in a new way. So we will respectfully challenge your beliefs, and help you join the dots between concepts.

We maintain systems for recording and archiving student enrolments, completion, assessment outcomes, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), grievances, qualifications and statements of attainment issued.

Once you are enrolled we guarantee to deliver your training.

Our Teaching Methods

Our teaching methods include video instruction, self-practice, reading, face-to-face instruction, small group activities, pair activities and one-to-one individual support, attention and assistance.  These elements will ensure the greatest opportunity for you to learn and be ready for the ‘real world’ of Pilates

Additional Support

If you need help with learning we can provide support in several ways:

  • You can review videos of all face-to-face sessions in your eLearning, to review material
  • Soon after enrolment you will receive an invitation to book a call with one of our trainers, who will help you develop a learning plan and work with you to address any areas of difficulty in your learning such as:
    • Time management
    • Study skills
    • Content

Student Support

We want to help you succeed and to do so we hope to create the best learning atmosphere possible.  To assist you with your learning, Breathe Education will:

  • Provide learning activities that replicate workplace experiences.
  • Ensure we offer you individual support and advice.
  • Encourage you to work at your own pace.
  • Provide written learning material and illustrations to reinforce learning.
  • Provide opportunities for catch-up if you can’t make it to class because of circumstances beyond your control.

Our Education Team is available to discuss and support you with any concerns you may have during your studies with us. Feel free to talk with them about your adjustment to student life and any other problems that may be affecting your studies.

Attendance requirements

80% attendance is required for successful completion of your course.

The face-to-face sessions are extremely important and we advise you do not miss any of them. If (due to extenuating circumstances ) you need to miss a session, you can still graduate (you’ll need documentation e.g. medical certificate). However you’ll still need to make up any missed practical assessments.

If you know in advance that you can’t attend all course dates you should choose a different course intake group where you can attend all the dates.

Changing more than one weekend of your course is considered changing to another course group, and incurs an Enrolment Variation Fee. You can find more information on the Enrolment Variation Fee under our Cancellation and Refund Policy.

If you miss a practical assessment

If you miss a practical assessment (or are marked NYC) you will need to organise to make-up this assessment.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have completed all practical assessments by the completion of your course.

Your Progress

Throughout the course we will offer you feedback on your progress.  We’ll let you know where you need to improve and what you’re doing well.  If you feel you may need some extra time and support, please let us know.

How we communicate changes in our operation

From time to time we change our policies, hours of operation, delivery location, course content, and even the qualifications we offer. We communicate important changes to all students via:

  1. Our Breathe Edu Students Facebook group, which is a closed group you will be invited to join as soon as you enrol
  2. Email at the address we have on file for you
  3. SMS at the phone number we have on file for you

In the unlikely event that we need to change a course venue at the last minute we will strive to give you reasonable advance warning, and if this is not possible we will make arrangements for you to make up the session.


Read our assessment policies


(Observation, Personal Practice & Practice Teaching)

Become a masterful Pilates teacher by observing, teaching and physically doing Pilates over the duration of your course.

Self-Mastery helps you build the habit that will continue throughout your teaching career. Maintaining a consistent self-practice, being inspired by others and, of course, teaching.

And so, like a Master in anything, practice is the key.  Self-Mastery allows you to apply your learning in the ‘real world’ through observation, practice and connecting with others.

Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF)

The AQTF is the national set of standards in education, which assures consistent, high-quality training and assessment services for the clients of Australia’s vocational education and training system. The focus of these standards is the demonstration of preparedness to deliver quality training and assessment services. In short, this is what we have to live up to in order to be a Registered Training Organisation, and it’s your guarantee of high quality training that is recognised throughout Australia.

AQTF 2010 compliance requires that Breathe Education have all the documentation that reflects National and State training activities and compliance issues. Breathe Education provides the highest standard of vocational Education and training in the fields of Pilates and Fitness. Our Code of Practice outlines our operational policies and our commitment to our clients.

Issuance of Qualifications

On successful completion of all required Units and all course payments have been completed, you will be issued with a qualification.

If you do not complete the entire course by the course deadline you will be issued a Statement of Attainment for any individual Units you successfully completed.

Please note that your course must be paid in full before your qualification can be issued.

Student satisfaction survey

At the completion of your training program, you will be issued with a Learner Engagement Survey. This is a nationally consistent survey tool that is designed to collect feedback from students about their experience with an RTO and in undertaking nationally recognised training.

This will be an opportunity for you to provide us with feedback on the course, the trainers and assessors, the course administration, the training facilities, the training activities, resources and materials and the assessment procedures. Your comments enable us to make sure that your expectations are being met and to improve our services.

Your completion and return of this survey is important to Breathe Education for our ongoing improvement of services and to enable us to report this information to our registering authority.

If you have special needs, please inform the Operations Manager so that we may endeavour to implement the required strategies.

If you feel that you or another student have been discriminated against or harassed you should report this information to a staff member who you feel you can trust.

This will initiate a complaints handling procedure that will be fair and transparent and will protect your rights. Alternatively, if you wish to report an instance of discrimination or harassment to an agency external to Breathe Education, you can contact the HREOC Complaints Info-line on 1300 656 419.

Record Maintenance

Accurate and up-to-date student personal records including contact details, fee payments, attendance, assessment outcomes and qualifications issued are kept by Breathe Education for a period of 30 years.

At the end of your course, your assessments will be kept on our eLearning site for a period of 6 months beyond your certification date.  You are able to request to see any of your records within this time (perhaps you want to review an assessment or maybe you wrote a really cool program you’d like to use).  Please contact the Support team and they will arrange this for you.

Our continuous improvement of services

At Breathe Education we aim to get better and better all the time.  We have systems in place for monitoring all training operations.  From time to time you will be asked to complete a student feedback form.  We look forward to reading your open and honest feedback and your ideas for how we can improve.

At any other time feel free to speak with your Trainer, the Training Manager or the Support team.

Student Confidentiality Agreement

The confidentiality of other students in the course and any clients you may teach or observe during your course is of utmost importance.  You are required to sign a Student Confidentiality Agreement (Appendix 5) prior to the first training session.

Any breach of this agreement will be considered a serious matter and you may be removed from the training program if a breach occurs.