All Tutorials need to be attended in order to meet Practical Assessment requirements.

Practical assessments 100%

You must be marked Complete (Competent) for all of your practical assessments.

If you miss any assessments due to being absent, you must submit a video of yourself performing the assessment (Make-up fees apply as per our Terms of Service)

Online Homework 100%

Your Online Homework includes all quizzes and written assessments for which you be marked 100% Complete (Competent)

Practice Hours

Practice hours include physical practice of Pilates Repertoire and Practice Teaching.  Document your practice hours in Logbook and submit them via your Online Learning portal (details of specific requirements available in your Online Learning portal)

Course fees paid in full

All course fees (including any administrative charges if applicable) must be fully paid and the funds cleared before you are eligible to graduate.

What happens when I have completed all the above requirements?

Once you have been marked Complete (Competent) for all course requirements and your course fees have been paid in full, you are eligible to graduate.

You will receive your qualification Certificate by mail, on approximately the 15th day of the next calendar month (e.g. if you are eligible to graduate on the 20th of January, you will receive your qualification by the 15th February).

Click the ‘Request to Graduate’ button below and we will provide you with a letter confirming your Completion. This will suffice for you to obtain insurance and work legally.