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Learn How To Make A Real Difference For People

You’re drawn to help people in pain because you want to make a real difference.

But first, you have to build skills and confidence, to gain clarity on how best to help each individual person.

You will need to build skills, and confidence to do that. That’s where we can help you. Here’s the process:

  1. Enrol in Rehab Made Simple
  2. Start working through the online content and case studies
  3. Ask questions and engage in the forum
  4. Build Skill and Confidence
  5. Start Changing Lives

In this course you will gain world-class skills in helping people with musculoskeletal pain or injury, using SIMPLE, current science-based best practice.

Whatever your reason for wanting to do this course — whether you’re sick of dealing with pain yourself, if you feel confused, overwhelmed or unsure of the best way forward with many clients, or you simply want to enrich your fitness and wellness knowledge — you’ve found the best place to do it.

Go From Confused To Confident In 25 Hours

Dealing with pain and injury feels complex, because of the overwhelming amount of information available.

We will help you climb above the complexity to see the clear, simple message from science on how to help people in pain.

Rehab Made Simple Covers

  1. How to get amazing results for your clients using current best practice care for musculoskeletal pain
  2. How to use your own modality & existing skills to get dramatically better results (and more referrals)
  3. How to confidently help even the toughest clients with different pathologies and conditions, so you build a reputation as an expert
  4. How to use screening so you know you’re absolutely, totally safe working with your clients
  5. How to take advantage of current science on load management to radically reduce injuries and speed rehabilitation
  6. How to build incredible rapport and trust with your clients by translating scan reports into plain English
  7. The most powerful science-based strategies for reducing symptoms quickly, to seriously build your credibility
  8. Lots of case studies and examples to help you apply what you’ve learned in real-life situations, enhancing your learning and retention

You’ll learn through a comprehensive, curated e-learning that will guide you through your learning journey, and that allows you to study where and when it suits you.

You can ask questions, bring client stories and interact with tutors and fellow students in a closed forum.

When you’re finished, you’ll be seriously confident, knowledgeable and skilled at helping people with pain and injury

100% Online: Learn At Your Own Pace

We’ve created this course so you can gain clarity, skill and confidence in working with pain and injury, with minimal disruption to your current routine. We promise.

Learn best practice

The good news is that many of the worlds brightest and most experienced medical academics have done the hard work for us.

Rehab made simple will help you to apply their findings with a simple, actionable, evidence-based strategy.

Understand the science

You will walk away with a clear understanding of the current best evidence in musculoskeletal rehab including biomechanics, psychology and pain science.

You will understand WHY a simple, evidence-based approach is the best we currently have.

Let go of dogma

Our course is not based on the tenets of physiotherapy, yoga, Pilates, or any other modality.

We are modality agnostic.

You will learn WHAT WORKS BEST according to science #nofilter.

We will teach you to apply what you learn within your current method of treatment.

Curated Content

We only train you in techniques and ideas that are current and in line with the latest clinical science. Our content is refreshed constantly.

Help Your Clients and Yourself

Whether you’re a health or fitness professional, or just someone with pain, this course will give you the confidence, knowledge and skill to apply current evidence-based treatment to help people with pain or injury.

The ESSA Professional Development Committee certifies that this Professional Development offering meets the criteria for 15 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points

Here’s Just a Taste of What You’ll Learn

Get a Free Copy of Our Report

‘6 Science-Based Ways to Rehab Back Pain

It’s packed full of useful information that will help you make a real difference for your clients, immediately. You’ll discover:

  • What to do about scan reports
  • What to do if your client has pain during exercise…
  • Which types of exercise are most effective according to science…
  • The best advice to give your clients about their valued activities much more…

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

The “why” that drives us, is to help you build skills and confidence to teach Pilates.

So you can change people’s lives and enjoy a fun, flexible and deeply rewarding career.

If after completing all the course requirements you are not satisfied that you have achieved your goal, we will give you 100% of your money back.

Full details of the guarantee are in our Terms and Conditions of Service

Amazing Results

I’ve been teaching yoga for 10 years and completed a Bachelor in Health Science. NOTHING has come close to the practical information given in this course

Natasha FoxYoga teacher, TCM practitioner

There are very few things that clients present with today that I don't feel capable of helping them with

Neil GormanPilates teacher

I know that straight after I’ll be able to put into practice whatever I’ve just learned and see it in action on clients that same day

Heidi CurringtonPilates teacher

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