Pilates Masterclasses for Pilates teachers

Refine Your Craft, Build Your Confidence, Perfect Your Technique!
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Go Way More In-Depth Than A Regular Class
Refine How You Describe The Exercises, Learn More Layers
Ask Questions And Engage In Discussion

Watch Bel's Reformer Masterclass for Prenatal Clients.

Build your confidence

Each Masterclass your trainer will share with you the ‘why’ behind there programming. How they layer and progress, what modifications you might use on special populations.

At the end, there is a Q&A to unpick the layers, progressions and cues.

Refine your craft

Go way more in-depth than a regular class. Refine your cues, and how you describe the exercises, learn more layers.
Leave each class with tips and tricks of what to look out for when you’re teaching the exercises.

Perfect your technique

Get a broader and deeper understanding of the exercises. Real-time feedback from your trainer allows students to have that ah-ha moment. The beauty of discovering the flow, to get more out of your practice.

Find your creativity

Do you spend hours on Instagram looking for inspiration for your classes?
Are you in a teaching rut?

Come practice Pilates with us. We will give you all our tried and tested crowd-pleasing combos. You are more than welcome to use in your own classes.

What to expect

Each masterclass runs for 60 min they are a unique format.
50min of physical conditioning at the end of each class we finish with a 10 min open Q & A session.

Your Membership will get you unlimited access to Matwork & Reformer classes.

You will even have 24/7  access to our on-demand library.

High-quality video and audio

We use professional audio and video production so you can see and hear everything easily.

The audio and video quality are so good that you won’t notice them; you’ll be so absorbed in the moment.

Here’s What Our Members Have To Say

I have been doing every every single one that I can make it, and just started going through the recorded masterclasses. I find the classes invaluable. I learned so much from all the wonderful trainers. They all have different style of teaching and cueing. It has definitely expand my repertoire for pilates exercise and make it more interesting. Agree with Shani that more recordings will be helpful. Sometimes I will replay the recordings to "digest" certain moves or layering so that the moves stick. Well, that's the problem with old brain, take a while to learn new tricks!

Pei ChenBreathe Education Graduate

I have been doing every every single one that I can make it, and just started going through the recorded masterclasses. I find the classes invaluable. I learned so much from all the wonderful trainers. They all have different style of teaching and cueing. It has definitely expand my repertoire for pilates exercise and make it more interesting. Agree with Shani that more recordings will be helpful. Sometimes I will replay the recordings to "digest" certain moves or layering so that the moves stick. Well, that's the problem with old brain, take a while to learn new tricks!

Pei ChenSydney, Australia

I still do most of the Masterclasses though already got my certificate. I love Rachel’s classes because she uses a lot of props and it’s versatile and her layering is soooo good. I love Cloes classes because she does original repertoire plus prenatal or beginners classes which is very helpful in studying and she has such a bubbly personality I love Belindas classes because her cueing is perfect you don’t need to look at the screen you can just listen to her and do the exercise it’s definitely great in learning. I love Heaths classes because OMG he is sooo strong and his classes are high intense and real challenge and perfect in layering too. I love Sharrmans classes cause he always gives you something different apart from the original Rep(great stuff) and I love Venus’s classes because I just like her personality and her layering and cueing are great too. All the Masterclasses have been really very helpful thank you BE for them

Yana PearsonMelbourne, Australia

I have also loved them! Even though I had watched a bunch of other online classes during my cert, having the option to now continue to observe and do classes with Breathe educated trainers helps to solidify all that we have been taught, esp. in terms of external cuing, not cuing breathing which is more specific to this training than others.
I have particularly enjoyed seeing the trainers creative processes, where they have alluded to the original repertoire, or used layering options & graded exposure to build strength over time. It's been great experiencing such a difference in teaching methods from different trainers and learning what feels enjoyable and fun in class, also what it feels like to be gently nurtured & encouraged, while at the same time also being kicked in the ass! Then there's other classes that feel like an ass whooping from the get-go, but it's so high energy and fun that you just want to keep up! Haha! I think it's great! I agree with everyone here in saying it would be beneficial to have more recordings available to observe in our own time. I would personally like to see more classes or demonstrations of the Diploma repertoire, which I understand might not work so much as a class other than the one already available due to the restrictions in available equipment, but perhaps if it was more of a recording? For example classes on the wunda chair or caddilac where it might not be as common to observe as a group class?

Laura DiazQueensland, Australia

I love the detailed progressions. But probably most of all I love Heath talking to Heath. I have done a lot of training across many disciplines and every course touches on the importance of communication. So simple direct language, precise movement cues, that sort of thing, but Breathe is the only course that I've done where it is clearly demonstrated. I know in a non-Covid world we would gain exposure to language by observing in-studio clinical sessions, but the ability to re-watch sessions that specifically focus on language is so valuable. This is my biggest take away.

Anjali MudraMelbourne, Australia

I have been doing as many masterclasses as I can and I have found them extremely valuable for my learning. It is very helpful to hear the trainers explain how they might modify an exercise for a specific type of class as well as various cues that may be effective or things to avoid. It is very different from attending classes because we are being educated on how to teach. Also all of the repertoire is represented because the masterclasses will often reflect what the trainers are teaching their students in the tutorials. Pregnancy mods are often referred to which helps us to remember them and helps with out prenatal programming. The only improvement I can think of is to please have more of them.

Sally CarewMelbourne, Australia

Meet Your Trainers

Heath Lander 

I have been teaching movement for the last 20 years, Pilates for the last 13. I’ve spent over 20,000 hours teaching Pilates in large group reformer, small group clinical and 1:1 settings.

Since 2011, I have worked with Breathe Education designing and delivering Certificate and Diploma. My partner and I run White Dog Studio in Footscray (Melbourne) and I run a virtual instructor focused studio via contrologycollective.com.au

My great passion as a movement educator is helping trainers to deepen their knowledge while simultaneously finding simplicity in their teaching and understanding.

Belinda Survilla

Sharing joyful movement and assisting students to flourish during this incredible journey is beyond rewarding. I fully believe in encouraging students to get out of their heads and into their bodies – this is when the magic happens.

I have been teaching movement since 2013 and own Pilates & Co studios on the Gold Coast where I teach group reformer of 14, Clinical Pilates small groups and private sessions.

My movement practice includes daily Pilates, along with yoga and running. I have a Diploma in Clinical Pilates, Certificate IV in Pilates, Certificate IV in fitness, and a 200-hour yoga TT.

Adam McAtee

I have been teaching Pilates for over a decade, and hold a degree in Exercise Science. I am currently studying Physical Therapy in Southern California.

I love teaching and mentoring students at Breathe because we foster each individual’s growth while promoting the current best evidence-based practice. It is an honour to guide and witness our students grow and develop not only into top-notch instructors but also incredible critical thinkers.

In between my studies and teaching Pilates I love to stay active, travel, and go scuba diving with my peers. My family at home consists of my partner, daughter, two dogs, and our bird. My favorite quote is, “Nothing will work unless you do” by Maya Angelou  which you may hear me say from time to time in my classes and Masterclasses.”

Hailey Hawkins

I believe that everyone is entitled to a positive movement experience – our job as movement facilitators is to make people feel empowered, strong, and joyous!

I believe that the greatest gift I can give students in this course is the gift of self-confidence and knowledge. I don’t want to give you a curriculum to just memorise, I want to work with you to give you the tools you need to really understand the skills of teaching movement. From there, you can go anywhere!

I have been practicing yoga and pilates for 15 years and I only get more enthusiastic about it as time goes on. I hold a Certificate IV in Pilates with Breathe Education as well as my Diploma of Clinical Pilates. I am also Barre Body and APPI Pilates certified, I have my 200hr YTT with Byron Yoga and am a Registered Nurse in an Orthopaedic hospital.

Dan Baker

As the owner of Pilates with Dan in Canberra, I have had the chance to see how transformational movement is for everybody. Being able to join in on someone’s movement journey is such a privilege and brings me such joy. I am passionate about creating chances to deepen knowledge and understanding and I’m excited to see people reach new heights.

My own movement practice includes Pilates, swimming, and running.

I have a Certificate IV in Pilates, PITC Diploma and Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method, and Bachelor of Science (Hons).

Olivia Bioni

The beauty of Pilates is its adaptability and versatility. I will provide you with a strong foundation in both Pilates and effective teaching strategies so that you can empower clients of all bodies and all ages to move fearlessly. Your journey to becoming a confident and capable Pilates starts now and I’m here to support you!

I am passionate about movement exploration, experimentation, and celebration, and my own movement practice consists of lots of yoga, Pilates, and impromptu dance parties.

I am a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher and a Registered Yoga Teacher in the United States. I also hold a Breathe Certification in Pilates and am completing my Diploma of Clinical Pilates.

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Reformer Masterclasses

Reformer classes are suited to participants with reformer & homemade reformers.

Matwork Masterclasses

Inspiration for  Matwork classes starts with  ‘Return to life through Contrology’ as well as programming and layering you would expect to see in a class today.

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The Breathe Education Masterclass On-Demand Library has new classes added weekly.

Classes have various themes, all to support learning and your professional development.

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