We reserve a discretion, exercised by us alone, to vary our enforcement of these Terms in the event that there are special circumstances that warrant us to do so and are to the benefit of you, our Student. Such circumstances are assessed on a case-by-case basis and any decision on our part as to the exercise of this discretion is final. Please note, we do not consider changes in your personal circumstances that are beyond our influence or control in and of themselves extenuating circumstances. For this reason, we do not consider students falling pregnant, changes to work situations or schedules or getting married extenuating circumstances for the purpose of this clause.

For illustrative purposes, let’s say you get struck by lightning. This is an event that is outside of your control. It is also very serious. In these circumstances, precisely because being struck by lightning is beyond your control and very serious, we will consider exercising our choice (not yours) to relieve you of your contractual obligations. By contrast, let’s say you get struck by cupid’s arrow and you fall in love and consequently have to move to Mauritius with your beloved. This is great, but not serious, and within your control (the moving part, not the falling in love part). For these reasons we won’t consider your situation warrants exercising our choice (not yours) to relieve you of your contractual obligations.Examples of the types of situations we will consider (but are not obliged to recognise as) extenuating circumstances are:

·       Death of a family member in your immediate family;

·       Serious medically diagnosed illness – of you or of a member in your immediate family.

In all situations when we consider extenuating circumstances we will ask you to support your request with documentation that demonstrates to our satisfaction (not yours) your claim. For example, if you identify that you have a medically diagnosed illness, we will ask for supporting documentation and will require a degree of specificity about your medically diagnosed illness that will address why you are unable to attend.