Credit Transfer & Recognition of Prior Learning

Find out if you can get credit for courses you have already completed!

What is the difference between recognition of prior learning (RPL) and credit transfer (CT)?

What standard of anatomy do I need for RPL?

Try a sample anatomy lesson from the Certificate IV in Pilates to get a feel for the level of knowledge you’ll gain in the course.

Try a sample Anatomy Lesson


Does my Pilates training qualify for RPL?

To qualify for RPL for Pilates training:

  • You must have completed at least 30 face-to-face hours of training
  • Your training must include Matwork and/or Reformer repertoire to Intermediate level
  • You must provide evidence of the above (e.g. certificate of completion & course outline)


Is there a discount for RPL/CT?

If you are granted RPL for prior Pilates training you will receive a discount of $1300 from your total course cost. (Your course payment plan will be shortened by 2 payments of $650).

If you receive RPL or CT for any other units the course cost remains the same, but you just don’t have to complete those units (You’ll still have access to the online content for the units though).


Will my course be shorter if I get RPL/CT?

The following units are online only:

  • HLTAP301B Recognise healthy body systems in a healthcare context (Anatomy 1)
  • HLTAP401B Confirm physical health status (Anatomy 2)
  • HLTAP501C Analyse health information (Anatomy 3)

If you gain exemption for any of the above units you will still need to attend all face-to-face sessions for the course.


How do I apply?

Process to apply for Credit Transfer

You must apply for RPL or CT at the time when you enrol, by selecting the appropriate option on the enrolment form.Credit transfer or RPL will only be issued when your enrolment includes at least one other unit of competence for which the you are participating in training. You may not enrol only for credit transfer or RPL.

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