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Australia’s ONLY fully online, Matwork & Reformer Pilates course

Train and certify with us 100% online

All our content is available online

You’ll have an extensive video exercise library, over 100 hours of high quality video lectures, as well as tutorials and discussions available to you the day you enrol.

All with 24/7 access.

Online lectures & Live tutorials

All our classes are delivered online using our fully interactive audio and video enabled learning system.

In your live tutorials, you’ll be able to ask questions, get feedback and also practice teaching with your classmates, every week.

Instant messaging with your course group and trainer

We use Slack, which is an incredibly full-featured remote workplace communication platform that lets you message individual students, your trainer, or your whole group from your laptop, phone or tablet. You can also share files, videos and links. And it’s searchable.

Peer-to-peer zoom sessions

In your weekly practice teaching sessions, you can connect directly with your classmates for an online Pilates practice session, from anywhere around the world.

Give and receive feedback on your cueing, and practice teaching as well as share layers and modifications with each other. You can do this in small or even larger practice teaching groups.

Dedicated student success coach

All this technology may sound a bit intimidating, but don’t worry, you’ll have a dedicated student success coach to help you through any problems or challenges.

Your coach will jump on a call with you and sort out any issues, as well as helping you set goals and stay disciplined with your study.

High quality video and audio

We use professional audio and video production so you can see and hear everything easily.

The audio and video quality are so good that; you’ll be so absorbed in the learning!

A Career That Sits Well With Who You Are

  • Pilates makes you happy, and you want to share that with others
  • You love that it makes you slow down. It’s not just physical
  • You are drawn to helping others
  • You’re goal-oriented and want to be the best you can be
  • You’re fascinated by how the body works and you want to learn more but you don’t want to get bogged down in terminology
  • You want to branch out and challenge yourself
  • You are a classic over-achiever, a bit of a perfectionist; you don’t believe in doing things half-assed
  • Possibly the kind of person who makes colour-coded, marked folder notes 🙂
  • You’ve been wondering what’s next for you

Pilates Certification

Breathe Education is the most reputable “become a Pilates instructor” college in Australia that provides accredited training in Pilates certifications.

Pilates Certification Courses

Offering study in the Comprehensive Certification in Pilates as well as Pilates Matwork & Reformer Certification, the courses at Breathe Education are genuinely impressive. The world’s only 100% online accredited Pilates instructor certification, where you can get a real hands-on education. In fact our Certification in Pilates has the most live contact hours of any Pilates certification course in the world. In this way, you can study at your own pace and also ensure that you get a really in-depth learning opportunity.

Of course none of this should give you the impression that the courses are ridiculously easy or that you won’t have to work hard to get your qualification. These are serious courses designed for those who are sincerely interested in working as certified group Pilates instructors or Clinical Pilates instructors, so it is important to ensure students are properly prepared to work in such an important and responsible role and we are certain that this is possible with courses like our Diploma of Clinical Pilates.

Breathe Education requires students to be fully committed to the goal of passing their courses honestly and with integrity, as indeed any reputable institution of higher learning would require. In fact, this issue is not just about you, but also the well-being of people who would come to you as a client in the future for coaching, advice, or therapy.

There is a responsibility to attempt to ensure that students who graduate in health and fitness related courses will uphold the highest levels of ethics and accountability. The principle of “do no harm” is very important.

As a student in these subjects, you will learn a range of important skills that you will later be able to apply in your career. Everything you learn will be genuinely useful. At the most fundamental level, this includes a comprehensive study in theory and practice of Pilates methodology.

You will also learn how to design Pilates programs for your clients based on analysis you would perform in situ, and you will learn how to design programs for both individuals and groups. Beyond that, you will learn important teaching skills and you will study matters of law, safety, and ethics.

As you can see, these courses are genuinely challenging and interesting, and ultimately will lead you towards a rewarding career.
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Here’s What Our Graduates Have To So Say

Wow!!! What an amazing course!! I have absolutely loved doing this course - it’s honestly the best course (of any type) that I have ever done. I have done a total transformation over the past 20 weeks and I couldn’t be more happy

Katie JennerBacchus Marsh VIC

This was the absolute best decision I have made. I look forward to my future and promoting Breathe to whoever will listen.

Rachael RiceSydney, NSW

While learning Pilates online was initially daunting, it has been the most amazing experience and far exceeds my initial expectations

Peita NealeCroydon VIC

The course inspires and encourages us to be critical and creative thinkers, and also allows us to enhance our curiosity towards the field of Pilates.

Renee RommeswinkelSydney, NSW

My journey with Breathe Education has been such a positive addition on my life in many areas

Briannan BondiPerth, WA

I have absolutely loved working with like minded individuals and being given the permission to explore my body and the amazing things I never thought I could achieve.

Jacinta FowlesMelbourne, VIC

What an incredible company that gives the power to be uniquely us & encourage us through our learning experience & growth.

Olivia HuffGold Coast, QLD

Professional, thorough and supportive, studying with Breathe has been a fantastic experience!

Kate VaughanSydney Australia

The Cert IV left me feeling empowered and confident. I am really proud to have learned from Breathe.

Ildi CampbellSydney Australia

Life-changing physically and mentally! Breathe’s community and constant reassurance has given me the confidence to be a movement warrior and a teacher who is well informed, confident and passionate about Pilates.

Meg BeesonMt Pleasant WA

I feel equipped to teach Pilates, and confident that I will find my people to teach. I now highly recommend Breath Ed to anyone who will listen!!

Merryn BowdenLeichhardt NSW

Did not feel like study at all, it was so much fun!! A massive thank you to the trainers, students and everyone at Breathe for making this course so awesome!!!

Stacey McDonaldLogan Village QLD

l got the most out of this course that l have ever gotten out of any course

Leanne ChapmanPilates Studio Owner, Melbourne

Breathe have nurtured me into being the best teacher I can be, and in such a small amount of time!

Eliza JostKensington VIC

Supportive and empowering!! So sad the course is ending!! Highly recommend Breathe!!”

Renae JanemiMalvern SA

I feel much more confident and equipped to teach! Cloe has supported and nurtured me to want to go out and teach.

Katarina MoricSydney, NSW

The depth of content provided is absolutely invaluable, the teachers are incredible and the learning environment is so supportive.

Katie IrelandGold Coast, QLD

This entire experience is something incredibly special. Cloe's encouragement and support has helped me find my voice.

Georgina BeattieSydney, NSW

I fee truly prepared, inspired and ready to start this new stage of my business. You have all been so incredible so giving in all you do your time and love.

Gabriela Cristina KoumantakisCastle Hill NSW

I was concerned about learning movement via the screen, but it’s truly been incredible. What fantastic teachers... always so encouraging, so willing to share their knowledge with us and never afraid to push us to be better and do more

Olivia DennisNorth Melbourne VIC

What an amazing journey! Online has been an incredible learning environment. It’s been a privilege to participate. Love this community!

Kerry SmithBonnie Doon, Vic

What an amazing journey. The course has been amazing. You have created the best online learning program

Kristina WhiteAlbury NSW

Online learning has been so beneficial and I have felt I have gotten so much more out of the course. The community and the constant guidance and support is amazing. This course has given me so much more than just learning the Pilates repertoire and I am very thankful

Jemma HindsonMoama NSW

What a beautiful course. It has exceeded my expectations and I am feeling confident and happy going into the industry.

Marni DeningGold Coast, QLD

Such an incredible learning environment. It has truly been the most wonderful experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life

Molly MitchellDrysdale VIC

Thank you so much Breathe for this life changing training; I will be forever grateful at the guidance , professionalism, mentoring and community. I now have the confidence to go forth and live my dreams as an instructor!

Isabella MercuriPascoe Vale VIC

A massive, massive thank you to all of the trainers, especially Rach who I did most of my training with! You are all absolutely amazing & so inspirational, I truely loved learning from you all and seeing you all every week. Also a massive thank you to the support team for all of your help & support through some rough weeks I had with sickness. Feeling very blessed!!

Ella DentonVictoria Park WA

The fact this course moved online, was a godsend for me I would never have been able to complete this otherwise so thank you for adapting with the times it might not have been easy but damn it was well worth it

Jess EppsDunsborough WA

I have absolutely loved this course and will definitely recommend it to everyone I talk to. Thank you so much for educating and empowering me xx

Becky ChoakeYeronga QLD

I feel so glad that I chose to do my training through breathe and have already recommended it to others who are looking at doing their certification.

Emily KrzusScarborough WA

What a wonderful 20 weeks this has been. Venus put so much care, time and effort into making sure we were confident and competent on the repertoire.

Blythe TroutHolloways Beach QLD

Loan’s Story

96.8% of Our Students Have A Job or Further Study Waiting For Them The Day They Graduate

You want to build your confidence and land your dream job as a Pilates instructor, but you’re wondering about your chances of success. Maybe you’ve looked on SEEK, and didn’t see many (or any) Pilates jobs advertised.

Here’s the thing; Pilates jobs are not usually advertised on SEEK. Instead they come through word of mouth and networks.

The good news is that if you attend regular Pilates classes, either online or in-person, you already have a network. PLUS, your classmates in the course will become genuine friends, and they will be the future instructors, studio owners and industry influencers – they will be your network.

We will show you how to grow and nurture your network and draw on it, to land your dream job. In fact there are literally 2 weeks of the course dedicated to teaching you how to do this, and supporting you in doing it. Whether you want to start your own classes online, or land a job in a bricks-and-mortar studio, we’ve got you covered.

That is why 96.8% of our students have a job or further study waiting for them on the day they graduate according to the federal government’s NCVER Student Outcome Survey 2019

Internationally Recognised

Because the Breathe Certification in Pilates is fully accredited and backed by multiple industry bodies and employers, you’ll earn a real qualification that is recognised throughout Australia and will qualify you to teach Pilates in just about every country around the world (subject to visa of course).

Really Master Pilates With The World’s Most In-Depth Pilates Instructor Training

Matwork & Reformer

Learn both Matwork & Reformer so you won’t be limited.

You will be taught the complete repertoire of exercises including the start position, proper technique and movement sequence, equipment setup, refinements and the finish or transition; everything you need to know to confidently create and teach sequences of moves.

Class programming

How to program flowing classes and sequences your clients will love.

You will learn to build awesome flow-style classes using traditional Pilates exercises AND we’ll get creative and show you how to make up your own moves, or adapt moves you pick up from other instructors, social media or anywhere else.


How to cue the Pilates repertoire using simple, clear instructions your clients will easily understand.

You don’t need to memorise complex sequences of verbal cues, science has shown us that simple, clear instructions are more effective than complicated ones.

How to modify exercises

What to do when clients don’t have enough strength or flexibility to do a move?

Use your knowledge of biomechanics to make the exercise more achievable.

You will also learn to modify exercises to make them harder for more advanced clients.

Prenatal and Postpartum

Breathe Certification in Pilates is Australia’s only Pilates course to include comprehensive prenatal training.

You will learn to safely and joyfully work with pregnant and postpartum women in your group class, or to run a prenatal class.

Pain & Injuries

Learn to confidently and safely accommodate injured clients in your group class, and when you should refer them to a health professional.

You will become familiar with current national guidelines and science-based best practice.

A Perfect Blend Of Self-Paced And Live Online Training

We’ve created this course to be flexible so you can do Australia’s most extensive Pilates instructor training even though you have a full life already.

International Recognition

Choosing Breathe Certification in Pilates means you’ll earn an accredited Pilates qualification that is recognised by throughout Australia and around the world.

User-Friendly eLearning

Our eLearning curriculum is designed with succinct videos and quizzes so you can study in short bursts when you have time, like on your commute, after work or at lunch.

Mobile-friendly design means you can watch videos and do quizzes on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Flexible Study Options

Each week you will have a lecture, a live tutorial, live and prerecorded Pilates Masterclass, and practice sessions with your classmates.

You can book into tutorials, Pilates Masterclasses and practice sessions at times that suit you including weekday, weeknight and weekend options.

Whilst most students graduate in under 6 months, you have up to 12 months to complete the course so there’s no pressure.

Accredited by Exercise & Sports Science Australia

The ESSA Professional Development Committee certifies that Breathe Certification in Pilates meets the criteria for 15 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points.


We only train you in evidence-based techniques so what you learn will be in line with the latest science.

Everything we teach is backed by peer reviewed research, not folk-wisdom or magical thinking.

Mentor Studios

We have a network of over 40 Breathe mentor studios where you can observe qualified instructors at no charge as part of your required course hours.

You don’t have to use one of our mentor studios, but they are there for you if you want them.

Includes Unlimited Live & Pre-Recorded Masterclasses

Included in your course is a 6-month membership for unlimited online live and pre-recorded Pilates Masterclasses with many of the world’s best trainers. This is where you will practice and observe to complete your logbook hours – no extra fees to practice and observe with us.

Masterclasses are a Pilates class, especially for Pilates instructors and students, where the emphasis is on technique and learning. Find our more about Masterclasses here

Study Reformer At Home

Don’t have access to a reformer?

You’ll need a reformer to learn reformer – you can purchase reasonably priced reformers for your home study which will allow you to practice the exercises.

Along with the reformer, you need a Pilates box & foot strap.

More live contact hours than any other Pilates course

The Certification in Pilates includes 105 live contact hours with your trainers. That’s more than any other Pilates certification course in the world (except for our Diploma of Clinical Pilates).

All that time with your trainers means you’ll have ample opportunity to ask questions and receive personalised feedback, to be the best you can be.

Simple, Clear & Fun eLearning


Easy to Use

Mobile Friendly

Worried about eLearning? You Don’t Need To Be!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

The “why” that drives us is to help you to build the skills and confidence to teach Pilates.

So you can change people’s lives and enjoy a fun, flexible and deeply rewarding career that is in line with who you are.

If after completing all the course requirements you are not satisfied that you have achieved your goal, we will give you 100% of your money back.

Full details of the guarantee are in our Terms and Conditions of Service

Emmie’s Story

“You don’t just learn how to do Pilates well, you learn how to come across as a person who cares for other people. Just like Pilates is for everybody, this course is for everybody”

Trusted By The Industry’s Best

Course Requirements

Lectures & Live Tutorials

Each week you will connect LIVE online with your trainers and classmates in your Tutorials.

Weekly attend an online, 90-minute lecture where you will be introduced to new skills and concepts. Along with your lectures, you’ll find your lecture notes which you can print out or view on your device to review and practice the content learnt.

Attend your live, 90-minute tutorial with a trainer and a small group of classmates. Your trainer will guide you through practicing the skills and discussing the concepts introduced in that week’s lecture. There are multiple tutorial times across the week including days, evenings and weekend times. You can book the same time every week, or change it up.

Live & On-Demand Masterclasses

Masterclasses are a Pilates class especially for Pilates instructors

Each week you will participate in or observe two, 1-hour Pilates Masterclasses taught by a Breathe Education trainer or special guest. These classes are incredible because not only do you get a workout, but the trainer will also talk you through their methodology, plus there’s a 10-minute Q&A at the end so you can really pick apart the programming, cueing and modifications.

Masterclasses will not only build your strength, flexibility, and skill with the exercises, they’ll build your teaching skills.

Practice teaching (online)

Each week you will attend 2 PT (practice teaching) sessions where you will practice doing and teaching Pilates with a small group of classmates. You can also share modifications, layers and cues that you’ve discovered and work on homework and programming together.


Your coursework consists of short videos, quizzes and some written tasks for example creating a class program. It will take you roughly 2 hours each week.

There are lectures on anatomy, programming, cueing, Pilates technique and many other topics, each followed by a short quiz.

The coursework is designed so you can do it in short bursts across the day, or all in one hit. You choose.

Our eLearning is totally mobile-friendly so you can even work on the train, at a cafe or anywhere you have a phone and an internet connection.

Pilates Reformer,
Box & Foot-strap
Practicing on a Pilates reformer provides students with the confidence to start working in the Pilates industry as soon as their hours have been completed. To set you up for success you will be required to have access to a Pilates Reformer, Pilates Box and Foot-strap for lectures, tutorials and practice, either via a studio or at home.
If you don’t have access to these items, we have a list of affordable options you can explore. It financially makes sense to purchase a these items rather than pay for classes just to complete your 20-hours of personal practice on a reformer.

Total 9 hours per week

Choose your own session times from weekday AM, weekday PM and weekend times. The breakdown of your week looks like this:

  • 90-minute online lecture
  • 90-minute live tutorial
  • 2 x 60-minute live or pre-recorded Masterclasses
  • 2 x 60-minute practice sessions
  • ~2 hours of coursework



If you are doing regular Pilates classes at any level, you are fit enough to do this course.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that you need to be able to do all the moves perfectly before you can be a great teacher. That is just plain not true. Doing the moves and teaching are two different skills.

You need to be fit enough to do a 50-minute beginner or open-level Pilates class, but you don’t need to have any particular level of flexibility, or strength, or grace.

People of all ages from 18-75, all levels of flexibility, and all body shapes have successfully completed this course and are now teaching Pilates and loving life.

Time Commitment

This course requires 9 hours each week in total.

Each week you will do:

  • 1 online lecture (90 minutes)
  • 1 live online small-group tutorial (90 minutes)
  • 2 practice sessions with classmates (60 minutes each)
  • Participate in one masterclass taught by a Breathe Education trainer (60 minutes)
  • Observe one masterclass taught by a Breathe Education trainer (60 minutes)
  • Watch videos and complete quizzes in eLearning (approximately 2 hours)

Tutorials, practice sessions, and masterclasses are scheduled throughout the week including weekdays, weeknights and weekends. You book the sessions that suit you each week.

Following this learning schedule will have you complete the course in 6 months.

You have up to 12 months to complete the course.


eLearning is an important part of this course, and we’ve created a simple, clear and easy-to-use eLearning system for you.

If you can use Facebook, or send an email, you have enough computer skills to complete this course.

Even if you struggle with sending an email, we’re only a phone call away, and we’ll talk you through any problems you have.

We have helped thousands of people complete this course successfully, and no-one has ever failed to graduate because of computer issues 🙂

Pricing & Payment Plans

Prices in AUD

One-Time PaymentMost popular

AUD $ 6950

A One Time Payment

Total cost $6,950
Check Dates

Pay over 6 months

AUD $ 1250


Initial Payment of $1,000.00
Total cost $7,250.00
Check Dates

Need a different payment schedule? Talk with us.

Are there any hidden fees?

You will need to purchase your own textbooks (not from Breathe Education, approximate cost $40), and if you don’t have access to a reformer you will need to buy one (approximate cost $550)

Can I pay over time with flexible payment options?

There is a $200AU price difference between a deferred payment plan or pay in full option. This is a discount on the full purchase price.

Where you choose a deferred payment options, we charge a $100AU administrative / set up fee over the course of your deferred payment schedule.

This is not a contract for credit, these are our reasonably incurred expenses in providing a payment plan to you.

We charge you merchant fees on transactions made where payment credentials you have provided us fail through no fault of our own

Book A Call With Our Pilates Career Coaches

If you’ve read all the way down to the bottom of the page, you know this is something that is important to you – your next step is to book a call with us.

On the call we’ll answer any questions you have about the course, and about life as a Pilates Instructor. There are probably a few questions you don’t even know to ask yet, that you’ll be glad to know the answers to…

You will be talking with a qualified Pilates instructor who shares your passion and joy for Pilates.

You’ve been thinking about this for a while and you know its something you’re serious about.

There will never be a perfect time, you just have to go for it!

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