Enrolment Variations

Enrolment variation means any change to your enrolment e.g. if you cancel, defer or change to a different course group. Changing to a different group is defined as attending more than 2 course days outside the group you originally enrolled in.

Essentially the process is the same in each of these situations: Your enrolment  in your current course will be cancelled and, if applicable you’ll be re-enrolled in a different course group.

If you cancel your enrolment you will receive a Statement of Attainment for any units you have completed. Incomplete units are not eligible for credit.

If you re-enrol within 12 months you will receive credit for your completed subjects and for any course payments you have made (excluding cancellation fee).

If you’re thinking of withdrawing from your course or switching to another course group, contact the support team on support@breathe.edu.au.

Enrolment Variation Fee

Your training commences when you you submit your enrolment, and includes both online and face-to-face components.

If you cancel, defer or suspend your enrolment you’ll still need to pay for any training that has been delivered, including online training. This is regardless of whether you attended face-to-face sessions or accessed online content. If you were enrolled and the training was delivered (including online training) you are responsible to pay for that portion of the training, so there will be no refunds of fees already paid. Your enrolment, and your regular course payments will continue until your enrolment variation fee has been successfully processed:

  • Variation from Certificate IV: $500
  • Variation from Diploma: $500 (you will also need to complete your payments to a total of $3600 for the Certificate IV)
  • Variation from both Certificate IV & Diploma: $500

The fee is not punitive and we don’t make a profit; it covers our costs to un-enrol you from every part of the system which, due to government compliance and reporting requirements, is a lengthy and involved process.

Extenuating circumstances

If you are varying your enrolment due to a death or major medical illness requiring extended hospitalisation in your immediate family (self, parent, spouse, sibling, child), the cancellation fee does not apply.

Changes in day-to-day affairs including work, holidays, family and finances are not considered extenuating circumstances.

Our guarantee of service delivery

We guarantee we will deliver your training once you are enrolled.

We will make Herculean efforts to deliver your training as promised, but if for any reason we are unable to provide your training, we will refund any portion of fees you have paid for the training that was not delivered.

Fees paid in advance

To meet our responsibilities to the VET regulator ASQA and the Standards for Registred Training Organisations, we require all students to pay by instalments such that there is never more than $1000 paid in advance for training that is yet to be delivered. For this reason we are unable to accept payment-in-full for your course.