All of our courses have deadlines. To graduate from your course you will need to pass 100% of assessments. So if you miss a deadline for even a single assessment you will not be able to pass that subject.

At midnight on the date of the deadline eLearning closes and you will be unable to access your course. If you have work outstanding at this point you can pay a late submission fee of $150 to extend your deadline by 1 month from the original deadline (not from the payment date). This fee is available once-only: Further extensions are not possible and you will need to pay full price to re-enrol and repeat that subject.

Precise dates for all deadlines are included in your Course Calendar, which you can download from within eLearning and display in iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook. Here is a rough guide to deadlines for each course:

Certificate IV

  • All online assessments are due 4 weeks after the last face-to-face day of the course
  • Practicum documents are due 6 months from the first day of the course


  • Each module has a deadline approximately 2 weeks after the face-to-face session for that module
  • Online-only modules also have deadlines
  • Practicum documents are due 12 months from the first day of the course

Extenuating circumstances

Exceptions to these policies will be considered only in situations where extreme hardship, extenuating circumstances or a debilitating medical condition can be substantiated. You will need to be able to prove extenuating circumstances with documents including medical certificates, letters from medical specialists, death certificates or legal documents etc. Documents supplied must be originals or JP certified copies.

Changes in day-to-day circumstances including home, family, finances and work are not considered extenuating circumstances.