Experience Anatomy as Fun, Fascinating & Easy to Understand

Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics 2.0 | 6-week online course

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What You Will Learn


  • Bony anatomy of the ankle (it’s not what you think!)
  • Anatomy and function of the rotator cuff


  • Tissue healing and the progression from acute to chronic injury
  • Hypermobility – is it safe to lock your joints?


  • How to work ALL the shoulder muscles with just 4 exercises
  • Neutral or imprint? Forces on the spine in lifting

An Amazing Learning Experience In Just 90-Minutes A Week

  • Experience anatomy as fun, fascinating, and easy to understand
  • No prior knowledge or experience needed (You don’t need to do Intro to Anatomy 1.0 before you do this course)
  • Recorded online interactive training with question time
  • You will receive a recording of each session along with comprehensive PDF course notes

About your teacher Raphael Bender

  • Founder & CEO of Breathe Education
  • Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sport Science
  • Masters Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • 10 years as an educator in health and fitness

Recorded live including question time

One x 90-minute live lesson each week for 6 weeks

You will receive recordings of all 6 sessions, plus an additional 30 minutes of question and answers each session

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