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Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics 3.0 | 6-week online course

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What You Will Learn

Disc bulge

  • Anatomy of a disc
  • Differences between disc herniation, bulge, extrusion, protrusion and more
  • Healing time for disc bulges

Nerve impulse

  • What is a nerve impulse
  • How a nerve impulse starts and propagates

Anatomy of the knee

  • Bones and ligaments
  • Muscles and movements
  • What’s inside your knee

IT band

  • What is the IT band (ITB)
  • Muscles and bones that connect to the ITB
  • Functions of the ITB

Shoulder girdle

  • Movements of the scapulae
  • Muscles of the scapulae

Specificity, overload, variety

  • These are foundational principles of strength programming
  • How to use them to maximise strength and results

An Amazing Learning Experience In Just 90-Minutes A Week

  • Experience anatomy as fun, fascinating, and easy to understand
  • No prior knowledge or experience needed
  • Live online interactive training
  • Lots of practical hands-on activities
  • Extended question time each lesson

About your teacher Raphael Bender

  • Founder & CEO of Breathe Education
  • Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sport Science
  • Masters Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • 10 years as an educator in health and fitness

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