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Topics in this video

  • 01:59 Pilates for Parkinson’s Disease
  • 07:03 If you take supplements does your body just make less of that nutrient?

  • 18:37 If technique doesn’t matter in Pilates why cue ANY movement?
  • 27:24 What are the limitations of scientific research?
  • 33:12 What to do for sciatic nerve pain

Topics in this video

  • Do disc bulges calcify?
  • Can you avulse a vertebral endplate in neutral?
  • Guidelines for hip ROM post hip replacement

  • Touching / hands on assists – can it get weird?
  • Shin splints
  • Is it hard to get work if you’re pregnant?

  • Do ice baths work?
  • Does menopause cause sore joints?
  • Exercises for neck strengthening