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Become An Inspiring Pilates Instructor

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With The World’s #1 Rated Pilates Certification

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Become An Inspiring Pilates Instructor

We’ll help you become a confident and skilled Pilates instructor in just 20 weeks, and 100% online.

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Become A Clinical Exercise Specialist

THE course for movement professionals who want to take their skills to the next level.

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Build Your Pilates Business

We’ll help you build a Pilates business, get clients and make money doing what you love.

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Why We Are The World’s #1 Rated Pilates Educator

100% Online

All our programs are 100% online so you can certify from home. No travel, no parking, no child-minding, no packed lunches.

Completely Flexible Schedule

All our programs allow you to set your own study schedule so you can easily work around kids, work, travel and other commitments.

Live Practice & Feedback

All our major programs include regular live workshops where you practice under supervision of a trainer and receive feedback in real time.

1:1 Coaching

Our Pilates Certification and Clinical Certification include 1:1 coaching with a trainer to keep you accountable and give you individual guidance

Comprehensive Anatomy

Our Pilates Certification and Clinical Certification you'll learn how the body works in-depth with our Visualized Anatomy program.

We Work With You Until You’re Confident

All our programs are open-ended: We'll keep working with you until you are skilled and confident, at no extra cost.

We’ll Work With You Until You Are 100% Skilled & Confident

Live Practice & Feedback

The cornerstone of our major programs are live workshops.

In the live workshops you work with classmates to practice your skills, supervised by a trainer. You’ll work in pairs, and in groups of 3-5 students.

You’ll receive live, real-time, personalized feedback from your trainer, and from your classmates.

Depending on the program you’ll attend 1-3 live workshops every week for the duration of the program – that’s how our students build skill so quickly.

1:1 Coaching

Our Pilates Certification and Clinical Certification programs include 1:1 coaching with a trainer.

In your 1:1 coaching sessions your trainer will hold you accountable to do the work, and give you individualized coaching and feedback.

They’ll help you set goals for your study and track your progress towards them. And they’ll help you with any skill you’re struggling with.

You can book your 1:1 coaching sessions from within your portal, and they are included in the program cost.

We’ll keep working with you live, until you’re skilled and confident

In all our major programs we don’t stop working with you until you are 100% skilled and confident.

Unlike other programs, we don’t kick you out after a certain number of weeks, whether you’re ready. Instead, we keep working with you as long as you need.

We’ll keep coaching you live, until you reach the level you need to be at, to excel in the industry and reach your full potential as an instructor.

This is our guarantee to you – if you put in the work, we’ll work with you until you’re 100% confident.

What our Global Community say

5000+ BE Certified Pilates Instructors and counting

Ali Woodall

“Do what you love as a job.”

Hayley Hollett

“I’m super proud of myself doing this course.”

Vivian Hwang

“You guys genuinely care about getting us to be where we want to be.”

Cindy Phung

“I’m so blessed to have close friends in here now.”

Brooke Alexander

“Doing this has given me so much more confidence in myself.”

Grace Sinclair

“I thought teaching would be totally scary, and it totally wasn’t.”

Transform The Lives Of Others And Make Money Doing What You Love

With The World’s #1 Rated Online Comprehensive Pilates Certification

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How We’ll Help You Go From Zero Pilates Teaching Experience To Skilled And Confident In 3 Steps


We’ll teach you to confidently execute the exercises

Using our Layered Teaching Framework we’ll help you to learn the exercises effectively no matter what your current level of fitness, flexibility or your age.

You’ll receive live coaching and feedback throughout the program to refine your technique and your understanding.

By the end of the program you’ll be executing all the moves at a high level of skill, in a way that works in your body.


We’ll teach you how to be an inspiring teacher

Doing the exercises and teaching are not the same thing.

We’ll teach you how to create an inspiring, transformation experience for your clients.


We’ll help you get clients and earn money

We’ll give you our complete turn-key Pilates business system and we’ll work with you until you get your first paying clients.

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